beplay官网: SUES Program of Polymer Materials and Engineering Completed Online Examination of Reviewers for Engineering Education Certification


From  June 27th to 29th, a group of 6 reviewers composed of Professor Fang  Qinghong from Shenyang University of Chemical Technology, led by  Professor Xu Weijian of Hunan University, commissioned by the China  Engineering Education Accreditation Association of the Ministry of  Education conducted an online examination of engineering education  certification on the program of Polymer Materials and Engineering of  SUES. With the joint efforts of relevant functional departments such as  School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering and Academic Affairs  Office, the examination was successfully completed. This is the 11th  program that SUES has been examined by the accredited reviewers.


On  the morning of June 27th, the online examination meeting was held at  Conference Room 506 of the Administration Building of Songjiang Campus,  which was chaired by Vice President Xia Chunming.

At  the meeting, President Yu expressed his sincere welcome to the experts  on behalf of SUES. He pointed out that great importance was attached to  the accreditation of engineering education, and he hoped that reviewers  would give professional guidance and put forward valuable suggestions to  promote the continuous improvement of the quality of talent training in  SUES.

On  behalf of the experts, Professor Xu Weijian gave feedback on the  examination. They unanimously agreed that the report materials provided  by the Program were clear and detailed, and met the engineering  education certification standards, reflecting that SUES and the Program  had distinctive characteristics in talent training, and operated in a  standardized and effective manner in quality monitoring. They gave  valuable suggestions for future improvement.

On  behalf of SUES, Secretary Li Jiang expressed his gratitude to the  experts for their hard work. He emphasized that the feedback from the  experts would be of great guiding significance for the continuous  improvement of the quality of SUES undergraduate education. Based on the  opinions of reviewers, SUES will take this examination as a starting  point to continuously improve the professional construction level and  talent training quality.


Professor  Rao Pinhua, Dean of School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, said  that he would carefully sort out the existing problems pointed out by  the experts, and continue to improve the construction of the Program.