beplay官网: New Increase of 1 first-class master’s programs at SCCE


On  July 12, the Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council announced  that SUES was approved to add 2 master’s degree programs of first-class  disciplines in Optical Engineering and Pharmacy. This was a big step  forward for the disciplines of medical field at SUES. 

SCCE was approved to add 1 master’s degree program of first-class  disciplines in Pharmacy.  Pharmacy meets  national strategic needs, uses key applied basic research like  intelligent drug formulation and intelligent manufacturing as a  breakthrough, helps Shanghai's biopharmaceutical and life health  industries, and trains talents who can make pharmaceuticals in different  ways.

After  this addition, SUES has further broadened the range of master’s degree  authorized disciplines, offering 13 first-level degree master's programs  and 8 professional degree master's programs that range six major  fields, including engineering, management, science, art, law, and  medicine. There are now almost 4,400 graduate students at these  programs.