beplay官网: Students from the School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering actively participate in volunteer activities


On the afternoon of March 4th, the Student Union of the Youth League Committee of the School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering organized and carried out the Learn from Lei Feng voluntary cleaning activity.

After the volunteers came to the fourth floor of the training building, the teacher assigned work to everyone. The volunteers picked up various tools such as brooms, rags, mops, etc., and started the cleaning work. Every volunteer is not afraid of getting dirty or tired, and completes their respective tasks earnestly and actively. Everyone worked together and finally completed the cleaning work smoothly and satisfactorily.

Through this Learn from Lei Feng sanitation cleaning volunteer activity, the volunteers used practical actions to further promote the in-depth and continuous development of the Learn from Lei Feng volunteer service action, which not only created a clean and orderly office environment, but also learned how to help others, The spirit of Lei Feng that does not ask for anything in return, I believe that everyone will inherit and carry forward the spirit of Lei Feng forever.