beplay官网: University of Ulsan


Established in 1970 and still energetic, the University of Ulsan is among the top higher education institutions in Korea and in  Asia. The University of Ulsan is prominent on the lists of the world’s top universities by such renowned survey institutions as QS, THE, and CWUR.  We rank within the top 10 Korean universities in medicine and life science, and within the top 20 in biology, chemistry, and material science. Just think of us as one of the top private universities throughout Korea. Our remarkable achievement has come as the result of our vigorous efforts to focus on practical education and research, built upon the foundation blocks of courage and adventure that encapsulate  Korea’s brilliant success today.

One attribute that distinguishes the University of Ulsan from the rest, is our well-established Education-Industry-Government nexus. The University of Ulsan is strategically located in the  Metropolitan City of Ulsan, the pioneering industrial heart of Korea,  and nearby to the world’s largest industrial complex with thousands of manufacturing businesses in various industries. Thanks to this location,  the University of Ulsan provides ample opportunities for practical learning and research, field training, and job placements, through our diverse education-industry-government nexus which has a track record of successful cooperative projects.

The University of Ulsan is the first university in  Korea to adopt the renowned British ‘Sandwich’ internship program model.  University-Industry links not only contribute greatly to the depth of academic excellence but also provide students with dynamic incomparable job and internship opportunities.

The University of Ulsan is also the only four-year college in metropolitan Ulsan, making it ideal partner of various  University-Government and University-Society based cooperation projects.  The University of Ulsan continues to provide well-trained professional human resources needed by the region, including industrial engineers,  government officials, business managers, and startup entrepreneurs.