beplay官网: 【Academic lecture】Shimazu gas liquid phase training


The lecture topic:Shimazu gas liquid phase training

The presenter: Yingfeng Li, Xiaochun Li

Brief introduction of the presenter:

Yingfeng Li and Xiaochun Li are analysis center engineers of Shimazu International Trade (Shanghai) Co., LTD. They are mainly responsible for training and maintenance of gas chromatograph and high-performance liquid chromatography, etc. They have rich experience in instrument principle, operation rules, data processing skills and daily maintenance of gas chromatograph and liquid chromatograph.

Content of the lecture:

Gas chromatographs are widely used in petroleum, chemical, food, environmental protection, medicine and other fields. High performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) is the most widely used chromatographic analysis method at present. Due to its advantages of high separation, high sensitivity, high speed, repeatable chromatographic column, easy collection of outflow components and so on, it is widely used in biochemistry, food analysis, medical research, environmental analysis, inorganic analysis and other fields. This course is specially designed to help users of Shimadzu gas chromatograph and high-performance liquid chromatograph to master relevant hardware and software knowledge and use skills as soon as possible.

The course content is divided into two parts:  The use of gas chromatograph, including gas chromatography theory, GC/LabSolutions workstation operation, GC operation practice, sample analysis and daily maintenance of instrument, etc. (2) The use of liquid chromatography, including the basic principle and application of high-performance liquid chromatography, instrument hardware composition and the role of each part, software function (system configuration, data acquisition, quantitative analysis, report template, etc.) and instrument maintenance and maintenance.

The time:2021. 06. 12 (Friday) 9:00-17:00

The place: The practice floor 4405

The organizer: College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering