Training Objectives: This major cultivates professionalswho master the basic theories and professional knowledge of chemistry, pharmacy, engineering and related disciplines, have the ability to analyze and solve complex engineering problems with comprehensive theoretical knowledge and modern tools, have good innovation spirit, entrepreneurship awareness and professional ethics, and have the ability of organizational management, interpersonal communication, adaptive development and international exchange. Professionals who can be engaged in technical development, process and engineering design, production management and service in pharmaceutical engineering and related fields.



Specialty Characteristics :Students of this major mainly study the basic theories and professional knowledge of chemistry, pharmacy and pharmaceutical engineering, with the main characteristics of pharmaceutical synthesis technology and pharmaceutical analysis and inspection, taking into account the mastery of pharmaceutical preparations, pharmaceutical equipment and workshop design knowledge, strengthening the training of professional comprehensive practical skills, and focusing on the cultivation of the ability to apply the knowledge learned to solve practical engineering problems.


Teaching Staff: This major is a member of the Teaching Steering Committee of the Ministry of education. There are 11 full-time teachers in this major, including 2 professors and 5 associate professors. More than 91% of them have doctorates. They graduated from famous universities and research institutes such as East China University of Science and Technology, East China Normal University, Lanzhou University, Institute of Organic Chemistry of Chinese Academy of Sciences, etc.



Teaching Conditions: There are teaching and research equipment required by pharmaceutical engineering major. In close cooperation with Shanghai Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd. and its subordinate large-scale pharmaceutical enterprises, it has jointly carried out the school enterprise cooperation personnel training and established a number of production, learning and research practice bases.


Teaching achievement:

The second prize of Shanghai Teaching Achievement in 2014 Multi Dimension Practice of Chemical Industry Professional Innovative Talents Training

The third prize of school level teaching achievement of 2014 Education Practice of Training First-line Pharmaceutical Engineering Innovative Talents for Pharmaceutical Industry

The second prize of 2014 National Pharmaceutical Engineering Competition for College Students

The second and third prizes of 2015 National Pharmaceutical Engineering Competition for College Students.