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2020 Sino-Korea International Symposium on the Intelligentization and

the Intelligent Production Management for Functional Products


January 24, 2021: Registration 

January 25, 2021: Official meeting 

January 26, 2021: Official meeting 

January 27, 2021: Return trip of offline attendees


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Process industry smart management is to use existing capabilities and future technologies to systematically manage the production process to achieve the sustainable development of the process industry. For the functional product manufacturing industry, the intelligence of functional products can make it have better applications; the intelligence of production can make its production process have functions such as self-perception, self-analysis, self-judgment, self-decision, and self-execution. Reduce the influence of human factors and ensure uniform and stable product quality; intelligent resource and environmental management can significantly reduce the cost of large-scale manufacturing of functional products and ensure clean production. Therefore, the intelligentization of functional product design and manufacturing is an eternal theme, which plays a very important role in product upgrading and sustainable development.


Provide a high-end communication platform for experts in functional product design and manufacturing, process systems engineering, resource and environmental engineering, etc., and realize the prospect of smart management of the life cycle of functional products and the material flow-energy flow-information flow-capital flow of intelligent manufacturing Discuss with the content, analyze its key technical challenges, plan related academic research and industrial application goals, in order to realize the upgrading of functional product manufacturing under intelligent and intelligent management, and the division of labor and methods of cooperation between the two parties Discuss and formulate a specific work plan for China and South Korea to continue to deepen cooperation in this field.






NSFC, China

NRF, Korea


1Theories and Methods of Process Systems Engineering

1-1 Process Systems Simulation, Analysis, Synthesis and Multi-Scale Optimization

1-2 Process System Control and Decision

1-3 Risk Assessment and Disaster Accident Diagnosis

1-4 Systems Engineering for Continuous and Batch Chemical Processes

2Smart Chemical Products

2-1 Product Engineering Methods for Molecular Structure Design

2-2 Construction of Smart Products

2-3 Evaluation of Smart Products

2-4 Intelligent Management for Product Life Cycle

3Intelligent Manufacturing

3-1 Computer Aided Cleaner Production

3-2 Enhancement of Reaction and Separation Processes Based on System Integration

3-3 Intelligentization for the Continuous and the Batch Chemical Processes

3-4 Intelligent Management for Chemical Production

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